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Here you will find press reviews and articles about the author's award winning family run restaurant (Brilliant Restaurant in Southall) together with write-ups about the author's achievements and Beyond Brilliant too. We regularly update this section with any new press coverage.

Press Mentions

 BBC News: Training new chefs apprenticeships (doc) 12 May 2012

 British moving on from ctm the telegraph (pdf) 13 Jan 2014

 Business West Autumn (pdf) 2013

 Cooking Courses (jpg)

 Dipna Anand joins spice 2 go (jpg)

 Evening standard ramsay (doc) 16 Nov 2008

 Express magazine (pdf) 6 Apr 2014

 Gazette Cookery Course write up (pdf) 7 Feb 2014

 Guardian top 5 curry houses (pdf) 27 Jul 2012

 Hounslow chronicle pukka recipe (doc) 10 Jul 2008

 Mail online anne shooter (pdf) 15 Jan 2014

 Ramsay Ealing Times (doc) 26 Oct 2008

 Southall curry chef wins praise from Cameron (doc) 7 Dec 2012

 www.easterneye.eu (pdf) 11 May 2012

 Exotic recipes by star chef Dipna Anand (Web Article) 6 Apr 2014

Beyond Brilliant

Author: Dipna Anand
Publisher: RMC Books
Price: £ 19.95
Available in: Hardback
Beyond Brilliant Restaurant