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Dipna Anand's 'Beyond Brilliant' cook book features over 40 recipes from the kitchens of the Brilliant Restaurant, together with Dipna's specialist and award winning recipes. Dipna's own recipes include those she has developed through her projects, other recipes have been taught to Dipna by her mother and some recipes are those Dipna regularly features as part of her teaching modules in the universities and colleges she lectures in.

The dishes in the book are predominately North Indian with a key emphasis on Punjabi cooking which is what The Brilliant Restaurant specialise in. Some recipes date back to the 1950's, produced by Dipna's grandfather Bishen Dass Anand and were part of the menu at The Brilliant Restaurant in Kenya over 60 years ago. Therefore some recipes in the Beyond Brilliant cookery book use Kenyan influences in the way the foods are spiced and methods used to cook them.

Beyond Brilliant also features 'Healthy Option' recipes as today there is continuing interest in the relationships between food and health and increasing efforts are being made towards improvements in the health of the nation. The author believes Indian food is perceived by some as being unhealthy and in today’s society this may somewhat be a barrier in preventing consumers from eating in Indian restaurants or cooking Indian food at home. In this book, Dipna reveals some of her healthy recipes proving Indian food can be tasty yet good for you at the same time.

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Beyond Brilliant

Author: Dipna Anand
Publisher: RMC Books
Price: £ 19.95
Available in: Hardback
Beyond Brilliant Restaurant