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About the Book

Beyond Brilliant features over 40 recipes from Brilliant’s kitchen, together with Dipna’s very own recipes and those she regularly cooks at home with her mum and those she teaches her students at the university and college. The famous recipe of Masala Stuffed Mushrooms that won Dipna her national award from the British Nutrition Foundation is also featured in the book.

The food served at Dipna’s restaurant and the recipes in the book are North Indian. Beyond Brilliant showcases Punjabi cuisine at its very best and also touches on a few Kenyan influenced dishes and cooking techniques.

Beyond Brilliant’s recipes are split up into sections for the purpose of the book chapters which are as follows:

A BRILLIANT STUDENT AND TEACHER- in this section, you will find recipes Dipna regularly teaches at universities and colleges, some great Indian specialities such as home-made paneer and Dipna’s special Alu Phal Chaat

THE BRILLIANT RESTAURANT- in this section, you will find authentic and traditional recipes, most of which date back to the 1950’s and were inventions of Dipna’s Grandfather. You will also find new creative innovations to the Brilliant menu, including tandoori delights such as Tandoori Lamb Chops and mouth watering Malai Tikka.

THE BRILLIANT FAMILY- in this section, Dipna showcases some wonderful recipes taught to her by her mum together with her award winning recipes and own favourites.

THE BIG BRILLIANT WEDDING- this exciting section features dishes from a typical Indian wedding. Dipna has dedicated a section of her book to her brother’s wedding which she organised in February 2014 where she not only carried out all the organisation of the wedding event but also came up with a menu which was nothing less than Brilliant. Recipes such as Makhani Chicken, Kasta Samosas and Kheer in this chapter are some of the treats revealed in this section.

Beyond Brilliant

Author: Dipna Anand
Publisher: RMC Books
Price: £ 19.95
Available in: Hardback
Beyond Brilliant Restaurant